13 May 2009

Americans sound stupid using British colloquialisms

Really stupid.

So don't come here thinking you can say “cheers”, “quid”, “crikey”, or “mate”. You might get away with “oi” since it's close enough to “hey” that people might not be sure what you said. We've struck a diplomatic accord with our friends that if we don't say “quid” they won't say “buck”. One exception is “no worries” since that seems to have been appropriated from the Aussies anyway. But in general, resist the temptation or risk being considered a wanker.


  1. Gosh, I'd hate for someone to consider me a wanker.

    Something else to worry about....

  2. Anyone have any idea what this line would mean....it is British.

    I need this sentence translated please. :) Specifically the word "line"...the context of this sentence is from a question about a job Interview.

    yes they are, although line are struggling to get "face time" with the hiring manager.

  3. Americans just do it because we think the Brits sound silly.

  4. whatever! British people are so cool! I wish I lived there. might do it actually.