17 May 2009

British food's bad rep is undeserved and out of date

Sure, there's crap here just like in the US, and at one time food in restaurants was pretty poor, even by the estimation of many locals, but the general standard for food has become pretty good. There's lots of really nice food available in unlikely places, like in country pubs nestled deep in the woods. And the UK's answer to the ubiquitous Mexican restaurant is the curry house; if you're a fan of the spots around Devon and Western in Chicago, you'll be pleased to know that good Indian food is everywhere.

But this doesn't mean challenges don't still lurk on the menu; dishes featuring organ meats can be readily found. That steak and kidney pie isn't composed of beef and legumes; it's all beef, if you catch my drift. Unless you're the kind of person who likes sweetbreads or blood sausage, flee.

1 comment:

  1. British food was never bad. Some of the places to eat and the quality of cook are bad, but the food itself is as good as any country.
    It has a label of being bland, but that is just a measure of the person cooking the food. Much of this food is simple and takes a certain knack to get right. But unlike the famed french foods, they aren't all drowned in sauce, that would be easy! (the french being the chief critics)
    Maybe food quality should go on how many people fall ill due to uncooked food and get parasites. In that, the French win handsomely!